Bill Maher give power speech on marijuana and he war on drugs

At any one time, 59,300 prisoners charged with or convicted of violating marijuana laws are behind bars. Of those, 17,000 are behind bars for possession ONLY, not trafficking. Enforcing marijuana laws costs an estimated $10-15 billion in direct costs alone. Not to mention the sustained costs of incarceration of the individual who has done nothing to harm anyone. It is estimated that the money spent enforcing useless marijuana laws is double what we spend on education in this country.
Maher called out the hypocrisy of the statist regime’s immoral and sickening war on drugs. He pointed out how so many politicians laughingly admit to having smoked marijuana, while at the same time continuing policies that lead to the kidnapping, caging, and killing of people for the exact same thing.

Maher points out that 700,000 people are arrested for marijuana each year. He called attention to the blood-boiling actions of Jeb Bush, who admitted to not only smoking weed in college, but dealing it.
Jeb, now governor of Florida, helped that state in achieving some of the most brutal punishments in the US for drug offenses; except for his daughter, when she was busted for crack in 2002.
At the end of his monologue, Maher made an appeal to President Obama. He said that Obama should not only end the war on drugs now, but pardon all non-violent drug offenders.

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