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Kanye West talk Planned Parenthood

Call Kanye West crazy all u want but the brother speaks with some mental ability on this subject. Kanye talks about how planned parenthood has killed over 22 million black people and counting. He...


Kanye West talks with Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon sits down with Kanye West to let the presidential candidate explain his views on the world. Kanye gives his thoughts on alot of different issues facing america today. From his being a...


Defund the police explained

This your man is gonna explain to your what we mean when we say defund the police. The police dont treat everyone the same and everyone dont feel protected around them. So we gonna...


TuPac said it best first

I know alot of people are too young to remember Tupac Shakur, I do realize that. But with the technology we have now you should really do yourselves a favor and research this brother...


David Banner talks with VladTV

David Banner sits down with DJ Vlad to discuss his latest project The God Box and why he was compelled to create something that he believes is a tool to educate his community. The...