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This is good policing

This police proves that their are some good cops out there. This one cop is trying to make a honest arrest when his fellow officer assaults the suspect. Then the police arrest the fellow...


If he were black

This could only happen in the u.s. if you are a white person. Do not try this if you are black in the u.s. This white man is threating the police with some type...


Young men protecting black women

These black men in louisiana heard that a black woman from the hood was getting picked on by some white men at a store front. The woman said she was threatened with a gun...


Woman has a few words for city council

This woman(ke-Ke) has a few choice words for her city council. She first starts off with the police for using black kids for props. Then she goes throughout the entire room naming the individuals...


Black judge dismisses all white jury

A black judge dismiss the entire jury because they were all white. The black judge was concerned that the jury didn’t represent the defendant’s peers. It is a correct assessment of the situation but...


Nigeria sars protest explained

Nigerians are not happy with there police so they have been protesting for the last few weeks trying to get a change. Alot of these people have been victims of these currupt police themselves....