Hidden Colors vol.2

Hidden Colors 2: The Triumph of Melanin was released on December 6, 2012 and was also directed by Nasheed.  The documentary further explores issues surrounding people of African and aboriginal descent such as the global African presence and the treatment of Black economic communities in America.   Other film topics include the investigation of melanin.

A review in The Village Voice stated that Nasheed “has a seeming total inability to separate gibble-gabble from revealed truth, vital social concern from talk about Chemtrails and digressive subchapters with titles like “The Hidden Truth About Santa Claus.” The reviewer praised one contributor, Michelle Alexander, saying that “Her well-reasoned discussion of the American penal system is compelling, but it’s an embarrassment that she should be placed alongside the likes of Dr. Phil Valentine, a “metaphysician” whose malarkey about AIDS (“the so-called immunity system of the homosexual”) is a low point, as is Umar Johnson’s lionization of the late, unlamented Gaddafi and the odd nostalgia for segregation that runs throughout.

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