Joe Biden 1993 Crime Bill speech

People are quick to call Donald Trump a racist almost everybody. But Donald Trump is the president to change the 1993 crime law bill established by joe biden and bill clinton. The law called for giving out mandatory sentencing and more time was giving out to black people with this law. The First Step Act signed by president Trump will stop all of that.

But for some reason some people seem to think biden is not racist, like he didnt make the crime bills to lock young black kids up. Here in this video you can see what he thinks of kids raised in single parent households. He doesn’t want to help them in any kind of way, he want to lock the up for the first thing they do. If this guy isnt racists i dont know who is. You have to see the video for yourself. And if you still want this guy as your president you need to check yourself, you cant tell me he will make un-bias decisions.

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