What was in Lincoln’s pockets at the time of his death?

contents of lincolns pockets

Contents of Abraham Lincoln’s pockets at moment of assassination were not shown to public for 111 years
The items consist of one pair of gold-rimmed spectacles with sliging temples and with one of the bows mended with string; one pair of folding spectacles in a silver case; an ivory pocket knife with silver mounting; a watch fob of gold-bearing quartz, mounted in gold; an oversize white Irish linen handkerchief with “A. Lincoln” embroidered in red cross-stitch; a sleeve button with a gold initial “L” on dark blue enamel; and a brown leather wallet, including a pencil, lined in purple silk with compartments for notes, U.S. currency, and railroad tickets. The wallet held a Confederate five-dollar bill and eight newspaper clippings. The clippings were from papers printed immediately before Lincoln’s death, containing complimentary remarks about him written during his campaign for reelection to the Presidency. The Confederate five-dollar bill may have been acquired as a souvenir when Lincoln visited Petersburg and Richmond earlier in the month. In order of image presentation: 1.) Watch fob 2.) Button 3.) Pocket knife 4.) Handkerchief 5.) Wallet 6.) Confederate $5

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